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I've been back from Australia and in the workshop for almost four weeks now - and slowly everything gets back to normal.

caraaus_gig_tn.jpgThe CARA tour was a memorable and marvellous experience - I'm glad and thankful that I could be part of it. Australia surely will see me again...

For this summer, I'm planning to release an updated version of my Eb flute that has been available for some time now. Additionally, I'm working on a big Bb flute, a project I started a few years back ... stay tuned!


Tourplakat Cara Australien 2018One week to go before my departure for a month of touring Australia with the band Cara. The workshop will be closed during that time of course, but I will be able to read and send emails. And I‘m pretty sure that I will post a few photos here...


Welcome to my new website!

Optically, there aren't that many changes save a new navigation design and some minor things, but under the hood, I implemented a whole new content management system, which makes keeping the website updates a whole lot easier. Being based on very old and rudimentary PHP4, I had to replace the system I used for the last few years as my provider will stop supporting older PHP versions very soon.

Anyway, I learned a lot along the way, and as a side effect, the website design is now fully responsive to all sorts of display devices, from smartphones to big computer screens.

I'm also planning a new photo gallery by using the great possibilities this system offers, so check back regularly!

And finally, writing comments will be possible, soon - still have to work on that stuff a wee bit. :)

Turbulent times...

It is time for a workshop update! 

Most importantly, I've relocated to a new home in the westphalian countryside (the workshop stays at the old address), and it's always more work than you expect it to be! Luckily, most of the work is done and we're settling in rapidly - a process that is easy by the lovely surroundings we have here. So calm and quiet... 

There have been a few problems along the way, as some of my deep drilling tools stopped working due to their age. The new tools took a bit longer to deliver than expected, but after eight weeks I'm expecting them in the mail very soon. I'm confident to be able to fulfill all delayed orders within december 2017, and will be in touch will all affected customers individually. New orders are not affected by these delays anyway. 

Furthermore, a new manually controlled milling machine found its way into my workshop. CNC machines are fine and handy, but sometimes, you need manual control of things - and I'm happy to now have both options at hands in my workshop! 

For 2018, I am planning to publish a few videos showing how I work, and on specific things related to flutemaking. I'm happy to receive requests on what to include in the videos - just send me an email. 

For now I'd like to wish all my customers and visitors of my webseite a calm, pleasant and happy christmas, and a happy new year!

En route to Ireland

I will start my journey to Ireland tomorrow morning - by car. Will be a whole new experience! I will attend the festivals / summer schools in Tubbercurry and Drumshanbo, and will have some flutes with me of course. Just give me a shout if you want to try one. 

The exact dates are as follows: 

July 10th to 15th: Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo 
July 15th to 17th: Magherafelt, Northern Ireland 
July 17th to 21st: Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim 

See you there! 

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