It is time for a workshop update! 

Most importantly, I've relocated to a new home in the westphalian countryside (the workshop stays at the old address), and it's always more work than you expect it to be! Luckily, most of the work is done and we're settling in rapidly - a process that is easy by the lovely surroundings we have here. So calm and quiet... 

There have been a few problems along the way, as some of my deep drilling tools stopped working due to their age. The new tools took a bit longer to deliver than expected, but after eight weeks I'm expecting them in the mail very soon. I'm confident to be able to fulfill all delayed orders within december 2017, and will be in touch will all affected customers individually. New orders are not affected by these delays anyway. 

Furthermore, a new manually controlled milling machine found its way into my workshop. CNC machines are fine and handy, but sometimes, you need manual control of things - and I'm happy to now have both options at hands in my workshop! 

For 2018, I am planning to publish a few videos showing how I work, and on specific things related to flutemaking. I'm happy to receive requests on what to include in the videos - just send me an email. 

For now I'd like to wish all my customers and visitors of my webseite a calm, pleasant and happy christmas, and a happy new year!